Our Mission

To provide hardwood products of exceptional value.

Corporate Values

We believe in and will make all decisions with regard to the highest of Christian principles and ethics. We are only stewards of God's provision in our lives and are accountable to Him for our every decision and action. We seek to honor God in all we do.

  • We uphold and share with our employees the values of integrity, morality, mutual respect, professionalism, personal responsibility, teamwork, and concern for people and the environment.
  • We are committed to provide for our employees an environment conducive to professional growth and fulfillment, as well as competitive compensation and benefits, and the time to lead a balanced life.
  • We will outperform our competition through creativity and innovation rather than spending.
  • We believe that profit and fun do go together.


Brownlee Lumbers' success depends on the combined efforts of many people, including:


We treat every person with respect, dignity, and trust. We desire for each one to continuously improve his/her skills and to develop "can do" attitudes to meet and exceed our customer's needs. We will honor excellence and reward contribution on the part of both individuals and groups.


We carefully select customers who will work together as partners in success.


We strive to be a good corporate citizen in our community. This includes both the community of manufacturers and the immediate community of our operations. We will conduct our business with the highest of ethical standards.


We seek long-term associations based upon fairness, mutual trust, respect, integrity, and accountability. We insure continued success through close and honest relationships.

Quality Statement

We are committed to maintain the highest quality standards for achieving and sustaining customer satisfaction. The attainment of this shall be achieved through the dedication and commitment of the entire Brownlee Lumber staff. Our quality reputation is of utmost importance and shall be sustained by the timely delivery of quality products that conform to all specifications and requirements which consistently meet and exceed our customers' unconditional satisfaction. At Brownlee Lumber quality comes first... sales growth and earnings will follow.

Corporate Objective

Recognizing our fiduciary responsibility, we are committed to give the stockholders a fair return on their investment and to create long-term shareholder value. We will not sacrifice long-term goals and benefits for short-term results. We believe in steady, predictable, and well-planned growth in sales and earnings.